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Get your Green Card through sponsorship

Obtaining an American Green Card through a sponsor enables immigrants to become permanent residents of the United States. Here are the essential aspects of Green Card sponsorship and the sponsor’s obligations.

What is Green Card sponsorship?

Green Card sponsorship refers to the act of supporting a person’s application for permanent residence in the United States. This support can come from a family member who is already an American citizen or Green Card holder, or from an American employer.

The sponsor is a kind of moral guarantor for the Green Card candidate.

Family sponsorship

Can Green Card holders sponsor their parents?

No, Green Card holders cannot sponsor their parents. Only US citizens can sponsor their parents for a Green Card as immediate relatives.

Can a Green Card holder sponsor his or her spouse?

Yes, Green Card holders can sponsor their spouse for permanent residency in the United States.

Can Green Card holders sponsor their siblings?

No, Green Card holders cannot sponsor their siblings. This option is only available to US citizens.

Can a Green Card holder sponsor a child over 21?

Yes, Green Card holders can sponsor their unmarried children over the age of 21, but they fall into a preference category, which can lead to longer delays.

Can a company sponsor a Green Card?

Yes, a company can sponsor an employee for a Green Card through the labor certification process or other employment categories.

Steps for obtaining a Green Card through a sponsor

  1. Sponsor identification: Determine whether you are eligible to be sponsored by a family member or employer.
  2. Submission of Form I-130 for a family sponsorship. In the case of a sponsoring employer, a work certification process must be launched.
  3. Waiting for approval: Times vary depending on the sponsorship category and the applicant’s national origin.
  4. Adjustment of status or consular process: If you are already in the United States, you can adjust your status. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the consular process in your home country.
  5. Interview and approval: Attend a Green Card interview at the consulate or with USCIS staff to validate your application.

Can the sponsor revoke the Green Card?

Once a Green Card has been issued, the sponsor generally cannot revoke it. However, there are exceptions, particularly if the Green Card was obtained by fraud.

Do I need a sponsor to enter the lottery?

No, you don’t need a sponsor to enter the Green Card lottery. Registration is completed entirely online in just a few minutes. To secure your participation, click on the online form.