Green Card lottery registration form

Registration for the next Green Card lottery draw is entirely online. The form takes just a few minutes to complete. Secure your application as soon as possible to avoid missing the registration deadline.

The registration form is fairly quick to complete. You need to fill in a series of personal details and meet certain eligibility conditions.

How to fill in the form

The form is completed entirely online. the information required to validate your registration is :

  • Your marital status ;
  • Your place of residence ;
  • Your e-mail address and telephone number ;
  • Your level of education ;
  • Your family situation ;
  • Your valid passport.
To finalize your registration for the Green Card lottery, you’ll need to submit a Green Card photo that’s less than 6 months old, in the required format.

Conditions of eligibility

Eligibility requirements for the annual U.S. Green Card lottery are very simple. There are two main criteria to be met:

You must be a citizen of an eligible country

Not all countries are allowed to participate in the Green Card lottery. The United States strives to maintain a mixed immigrant population. Nationals of countries where more than 50,000 citizens have immigrated to the U.S. in the last five years are not eligible to apply for a Green Card. The list of countries whose nationals may not participate is published each year by USCIS. Here is the list of countries not allowed to participate in the Green Card 2025 lottery draw.

You must have a minimum level of higher education

To take part in the green card lottery, you must have a minimum academic level. This higher level of education can be justified in two ways:

  • Baccalaureate or equivalent;
  • Have held a position of 2 years or more in the last 5 years, requiring at least 2 years’ training or experience.

Green Card lottery results

The results of the Green Card lottery are published online every year. For all applicants who win the lottery, the Green Card process begins. This process takes place over several months. The final step is an interview to obtain the Green Card. This interview takes place with a USCIS agent, and helps finalize the process.