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Results of the Green Card lottery draw

The results of the U.S. Green Card lottery are published each year as part of the Diversity Visa Program. Green card lottery applicants can obtain their personal results online.

When is the Green Card lottery draw?

The draw takes place in November each year. The precise opening and closing dates for registration are published a few months in advance each year.

When are the results published?

Green Card lottery results are available approximately 6 months after the close of entries. They are published every year around May. The results of the November 2023 Diversity Visa 2025 draw will be available online on May 4, 2024.

Lottery results from 2018 to 2022

Based on statistics published by the State Department each year, here are the lottery results for the last 5 years for which the results are public:

Geographic zones 20182019202020212022
African countries20 53220 3366 0175 80119 215
Asian countries6 2906 0794 0554 49811 693
Countries in Europe20 43417 8977 6435 79521 806
North American countries (Bahamas)28132112
Oceania countries8245925436311 195
Central and South American countries1 6319778542 1661 961
Total 49 71345 88919 12518 91255 882
Number of Green Cards obtained in the lottery from 2018 to 2022 by geographical area

Where can I find the Green Card lottery results online?

The U.S. diversity program’s dedicated website lets you check your Green Card lottery results directly online. The page for checking personal results directly is

To obtain the results you must :

Click on “Submit” to confirm your participation in the Green Card lottery.

Here is a photo of the form you need to fill out to obtain the online lottery results.

Green Card lottery results