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Green Card lottery in 2024

The Green Card lottery draw is held only once a year. There are two ways to designate the lottery year:

What is the Green Card Lottery 2024?

The Green Card 2024 lottery is most often referred to as the annual draw that takes place during the year 2024. Held once a year, the draw allows over 50,000 foreign nationals to win the right to apply for a Green Card under the U.S. Diversity Visa Program.

When is the Green Card lottery for 2024?

Final registration for the 2024 draw takes place in October 2024. Exact dates are published in advance. Every year :

What are the results of the Green Card 2024 lottery?

The results of the Green Card draw are published every year around 6 months after the draw, which takes place in November. The results of the lottery draw taking place in 2024 will be published online from May 2025.

How do I enter the Green Card 2024 lottery?

Registration for the Green Card USA lottery is entirely online. Participate in this annual lottery by registering online in just a few minutes by clicking on the online form. The process takes just a few minutes.

What are the next steps for lottery winners?

Lottery winners must then obtain a Diversity visa. The next steps in the procedure are :

The Green Card and the visa are different documents. Obtaining a Diversity Visa is one of the steps required to obtain a Green Card.