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Obtaining an employment-based Green Card

Find out how to obtain a Green Card in the United States through employment. The employment-based Green Card is very popular with skilled immigrants wishing to work and reside legally in the United States.

What is an employment-based Green Card?

The employment-based Green Card is a way for skilled foreign workers to obtain permanent residency in the United States through employment. Unlike other immigration options, this one is specifically designed for individuals with professional skills in demand by American employers. It allows holders of work visas to become permanent residents.

Eligibility and qualification criteria

To be eligible for an employment-based Green Card, applicants must meet certain conditions:

Finally, the employer must be willing to sponsor the applicant for the Green Card, and comply with all legal obligations relating to the hiring of foreign workers.

Application process

The employment-based Green Card application process involves several steps. First, the employer must obtain labor certification from the US Department of Labor. Next, the applicant must submit a work visa application to USCIS. Once the work visa has been approved, the applicant can begin the Green Card application process. This procedure includes :

Processing times and deadlines

The time required to obtain an employment-based Green Card can vary considerably depending on various factors such as: visa category, USCIS workload and other individual circumstances.

As a rule, the process can take from several months to several years. It’s important for candidates to be patient and prepared for potential delays during the process. Candidates can also apply for the Green Card lottery.